Patient Testimonials

Law Family Dentistry Exam Chair

"Dr. Muriel meticulous dentistry created an unbelievable smile. I love my new smile!"
Janice, Knoxville, TN
"I have known Kevin and Muriel for years and am excited to become a patient of their new practice."
Justin, Knoxville, TN
"Dr. Kevin has a great personality for children's dentistry, my kids love him!"
Sue, Knoxville, TN
From my Google review:

"I have been a patient of Law for almost a year and I can say that I have never been happier with my dentist (or any doctor for that matter) in my entire life. I'm 30 so it is so refreshing to see someone that is close to my own age, I feel as if I can grow old with Dr. Muriel (Law) which is a strangely comforting feeling that I never really considered as a factor before when choosing a medical professional. From reception to assistants and hygienists, I am constantly amazed at the level of sincerity and quality from each person in this office. Every time I go in for an appointment I leave feeling better than before I went in... yes, honestly. Who says that about their DENTIST?! If I'm having a bad day (even when it is unrelated to reasons as to why I am at the dentist), they are always there for me. The support from this office is like a long overdue hug every single time. Also, since Law is still building their practice, they are never overbooked or under staffed. Service is always quick, friendly, and professional. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about this group of people. If you're looking for a new dentist, SMILE because the search is over!"

Thank you all so much!

Rebekah Wallace, Knoxville
This is the most welcoming and friendly dentist's office. Every staff member was so warm and kind. Dr. Kevin is excellent and addressed all of my concerns. I am so happy a friend referred me here.
Maureen, Lenoir City, TN