Children's Dentistry

Keep Your Child’s Smile Bright For Life

Children’s dentistry expands far beyond diagnosing a dental problem and treating a tooth. The dental experience of a young child can determine their outlook on dentistry and taking care of their teeth for their lifetime. Our goal is to gain a young child’s trust and confidence which often takes a series of several small dental visits – an exam, a cleaning, an x-ray, or happy visit.

By having a parent present during the dental visit, the parent learns our child-friendly terminology and is able to reinforce positive experiences at home. If a child requires dental treatment, many do very well being treated in the office with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and a local anesthetic for numbness. Children with medical concerns, high anxiety, or extensive dental needs may be directed to a pediatric dentist who specializes in the care of children. 

Dr. Kevin and Dr. Muriel Law will discuss treatment options after performing a thorough examination, determining dental needs, and understanding the child’s level of comfort.Practicing good oral hygiene habits with your child at home and bringing them in for regular dental visits is important to maintain your child’s bright and healthy smile for years.